Our Mission

Our mission is to create successful partnerships by delivering superior service and a quality product through our professional, highly educated team.

Microscopic Restorations

At Avesta Dental Arts, we are dedicated to producing a premium product that fulfills you and your patient’s needs. Established in 1995, Avesta Dental Arts has always taken a thorough approach in creating beautiful restorations efficiently without compromising quality. Our high standard of attention to detail via microscopic lens is how we are able to produce such a first-rate restoration. We want our customers to know that they are not just a client of Avesta Dental Arts, but a partner.

"Quality and consistency are the two most importants facts.  Each tooth is made to match existing teeth and bite"
Dr. Dewayne Jones DDS

As a small company, we know how important it is to build a personal relationship with our dentists. Over our fifteen year history, we have learned communication is a key component to helping our company maintain this great partnership. Our dentists continue to use our services due to the fact that they know they can come straight to Marty Harper CDT, owner of Avesta Dental Arts, with any of their special requests or issues. His availability is another factor that sets Avesta Dental Arts apart from other dental lab options.