Who We Are

Conveniently located in Brentwood, Tennessee, our new facility is equipped with the finest restorative materials and the most state-of-the-art technology available. We offer dependable turn around times and rush cases (see our case scheduling guide for details) for your scheduling and immediate needs.

The technicians at Avesta Dental Arts have over 75 years of combined dental laboratory experience and take great pride in being specialist in microscopic cosmetic dental restorations. A metal finisher with 27 years experience and a porcelain ceramist with 25 years experience are a major contribution to our unparalleled restorations. We create only the finest complete dental restorations, including fixed, esthetic, implant and consultation services. By providing a quality product with your needs in mind, the results are guaranteed to satisfy your and your patients.

Steps for a Successful Smile

  1. A complete and accurate RX from describing type of restoration, margin design, desired shade, stump shade, tooth number, patient’s name, and most important, the patient’s expectations.
  2. Pre-Op models
  3. Full Arch impressions with clearly visible margins and bites
  4. Correct Shade
  5. Adequate Production Time (see Case Scheduling below)
  6. Good Communication

Case Scheduling Guide

Standard time for empress crowns, veneers, precious and non precious alloy crowns is ten working days. This does not include the day the case is picked up and/or delivered.

"Avesta Dental Arts routinely returns cases that require little, if any, adjustments.
The anatomy and finish of the porcelain is excellent, and the technicians are all very accessible and a pleasure to discuss treatment with. I highly recommend Avesta Dental Arts!" (Joe Otterpohl, D.D.S.)

In the event a case is sent to the Doctor for a die trim, extra time will be needed to complete the case. Please call for the time schedule.

Rush Cases

We are happy to accommodate rush cases. All rush cases must be approved by our Laboratory Manager. For any additional questions, please call 615-370-9440.

Lab Credentials

Marty Harper's Credentials