Avesta Signature Products

IPS e.max Press takes pressable ceramics to a whole new level of esthetics and strength. Never before has a glass ceramic been able to provide clinicians and patients with a restoration which looked like a natural tooth and had the strength to be used in a variety of situations with conventional cementation. The patented lithium disilicate composition of IPS e.max Press combines strength and beauty precisely using the highly efficient press technique. Lithium disilicate has shown to be a reliable material clinically with survival rates surpassing those of traditional PFM.

Today, IPS e.max takes Empress to the max. Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, IPS e.max allows you to select the most appropriate material - either high strength zirconium oxide or high strength glass ceramic - and the ideal fabrication technique for the case you are completing. A single layering ceramic, IPS e.max Ceram, offers simplicity, ultimately delivering outstanding esthetics and predictable shade matching even with difficult combination cases.

With IPS e.max you only need to write one prescription and be confident that you are getting the strength and esthetics you demand. Select a specific e.max material or simply ask Avesta Dental Arts for e.max. Together we can provide your patient with an e.max smile.

IPS Empess is the original all-ceramic pressable material from Ivoclar Vivadent. It utilizes a special leucite reinforced glass which is much stronger than other pressable products on the market today. Moreover, the material exhibits some of the most true-to-life esthetics available in dentistry. IPS Empress has been the benchmark for esthetics in dental materials for nearly 20 years. During that time, the product has been used with immense clinical success with over 35 million units placed globally.